FAMEL Tricarro

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thomas whelan disse...

hi ive just come across this page i see a pitcher of my famel zundapp trike .when i first got it it was in a poor state back in 2000 i have been looking for info on it ever since .i proceded to restore it as best i could in my back garden with no info and no techinal data till today .its taxed and insured and driving great .

if any body have a wiring diagram for famel zundapp carga i would be delighted
i am still restoring its on going
is there any where i can purchase replacement parts .i treasure my famel .cheers from ireland tom

Anónimo disse...

Moin Thomas
Warum steht bei deinem link immer Norderstedt? Ich komme auch aus Norderstedt und habe mir gerade ein Tricarro zugelegt. Meld dich sonst mal bei mopedjan@web.de
Grüsse aus Norderstedt Jan

Jan Kaufmann disse...

Bitte melden

Jan Kaufmann disse...